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Happy New Year!

May it be one of parenting progress, family fortification, and marvelous marriage!

We have spent most of 2008 on the road, speaking to and with parents all around the world, and loving the chance to engage them about their first priority of family. We don’t guilt-trip anyone (that is too easy to do when it comes to parenting), rather, we try to popularize parenting to a point where people realize how much they are missing and how much joy they are giving up if they do not prioritize their kids!

This year, we are going to try to stay a little closer to home and work more on our writing and confine our speaking a little more to local (or at least U. S.) audiences.

We long for more time with you valuesparenting members. Many of you write to us somewhat regularly on e mail, and that is great, but we would love more face to face contact.

There are a couple of opportunities for that this month if you happen to live in the Utah area. (See our broader speaking schedule at We will be speaking at the Crestview LDS Chapel, 2795 E. Crestview Drive, Salt Lake City on Jan. 25, Sunday Night at 7:30, on Teaching Children Values. This will be a non-denominational discusion about Teaching Children Values in an unstable and scary world. A more spiritually oriented talk will be given on Saturday morning, Jan. 31 in Centerville, Utah at the Stake Center at 1451 N. Main St at 9 am. If you are able to come to either, we would love to see you.

One of our resolutions for 2009 is to work a little more on the more obscure programs of As you might guess, about 90% of our members are doing either Joy School or Alexander’s Amazing Adventures, but there are also other great programs available including Teaching Children Responsibility, Lifebalance (for all of us overworked, over committed parents), Turning Teen Mirrors into Windows, and even an Empty Nest Parenting program that may be great for your parents! Check out these “other programs” on the website if you haven’t already.

Have a great new year, and keep on putting family first!

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