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Kristina Jackson along with her wonderful assistant Lisa have been organizing community events designed to help families in the Los Angeles area called "Parent Talk" for seven years now.  They do four events a year and we had the privilege of being their "kick off" event this week.  About four hundred bright and eager parents in the Manhattan Beach are were there at a local high school ready to tackle their most important job of parenting.  We really enjoyed speaking with these good people and especially enjoyed the beautiful California weather.  What were we thinking when we sent our kids to school on the East Coast for the winter?  What a great place, especially when you can enjoy it with such wonderful people!


2008-10-21 Speaking in LA and Saskatoon 3230


The next morning, despite getting up at 4:30 a.m., we almost missed our flight to Saskatoon, Canada.  Although we made it by the skin of our teeth, our luggage didn’t so we had fun trying to buy some shoes for Richard so he didn’t have to wear his white tennis shoes.  There was only one pair of size 13 dress shoes in the store which he promptly bought. Luckily I had the outfit I had worn the night before in my little roller bag that I had taken with me.  In the end we had a great time with an outstanding group of Entrepreneurs whose creative ideas and multiple businesses were inspiring.

2008-10-22 Speaking in LA and Saskatoon 3233 

Greg Yuel, who we had heard us speak about the family bank at a conference in Las Vegas last year had followed our advice precisely, except for the fact that when you give an entrepreneur a good idea, they make it better!  He and his wife Olivia as well as Ernie another member and a great father of a blended family who was also at the conference, presented how they had implemented the plan for having a family economy, complete with an in-house family bank!  You will find the results of the Yuel’s search for just the right bank below. There is a slot on the top for slips works like a charm. They have done such a wonderful job with their kids who are beginning to feel the joy of ownership as they earn, spend, save and give their own money! 

2008-10-22 Speaking in LA and Saskatoon 3237 


2008-10-22 Speaking in LA and Saskatoon 3246

How fun it is for us to someone a good idea and have them make it better! 

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