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We have had so much fun the past couple of weeks with parents from Omaha, Nashville and in our own Neighborhood Parenting Series. It is always an inspiration to meet with parents who love their children dearly and just want to be better. In Omaha we enjoyed meeting Entrepreneurs who have been through an incredible number of businesses. The needs they have filled in the business world are mind boggling and it was so fun to see their creativity and resilience. The next week in Nashville we enjoyed some terrific Country Western Music and also had the opportunity to see a benefit concert starring all the most famous country music song-writers in the country at the original Grand Ole Oprey. We had so much fun seeing the up and coming bands in the “honky tonks” and ate some great Tennessee food! We also had the opportunity to meet with a group of entrepreneurs that Richard and our son Noah had the opportunity to speak to last year. It was fun to hear about how they had implemented the ideas they’d been given and how they made them their own. How lucky are we to be able to rub shoulders with such outstanding parents?

This week we start a long tour that we have been looking forward to this fall which includes Jackson Hole, Los Angeles, Saskatoon, Canada, Viet Nam, Jakarta, Bali, Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Boston. We will be keeping our Valuesparenting family posted as we go along!

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