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Richard at the George Bush Library in Houston

The gorgeous art of sculpture in Mexico!

Last breakfast for the parents at Wellesley College after having three daughters graduate from there.

Three Eyrealm couples visiting our two NYC couples at Lincoln Center.

It was a whirlwind week as we spent Tuesday and Wednesday at the Amazing American School in Monterrey Mexico. We first spoke to 500 high schools students, then their teachers and coaches and finally their parents. The school is truly a remarkable private school in this thriving city in Mexico. We were impressed with the kids, their parents and their loyal teachers and coaches. With 1400 students in two campuses we were truly inspired by what they are doing for these children who will become the future leadership of Mexico!

From there we dashed off to the George Bush Library outside of Houston Texas to hear Mitt Romney give a fabulous speech about Religion in America. It was a defining speech for his campaign and truly one that lifted us all to a higher realm in politics. Too bad we have to go back to the “smallness” of that world after hearing about it’s “greatness”. We so admire the Romneys for throwing their hat in the pit bull world of politics!

Next it was on to Boston and New York where we gathered several of our children and their spouses and girlfriends in each place. It was pretty hilarious to try to fit nine of us, including three children, in one 450 square foot apartment on the upper east side of Manhattan. Noah, who works there and his wife Kristi who is pregnant and sick, insisted that it would be fun. I hope they still feel that way!

How we loved spending our last days at Wellesley College, truly a magical campus and home of three of our daughters for their college educations. Charity is about to graduate next week and return home for Christmas and to prepare for her mission to the south of London.

We feel so blessed at this glorious time of year and hope that you will take time to feel the peace amidst the chaos!

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