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We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We enjoyed being with 7 of our 9 children and 15 of our 16 grandchildren over the long weekend. We get to see the other family next week. With the dust still settling, we did manage to have dinner at our new home, despite the fact that there is still much to do before we can actually live there! Today in Phoenix we enjoy participating in Joy School at our daughter’s home. There is nothing quite like Joy to describe the Thanksgiving weekend! Here is our Thanksgiving message to you this year:

The 36th Annual Eyrealm Thanksgiving Card

“Thanks-Giving”…. Is it a
Noun? (holiday/season/long weekend)
Or a
Verb? (appreciation/acknowledgment/attitude of heart)
Or an
Adjective? (describing the kind of persons we long most to be)

The noun is there to prompt us to practice the verb,
So that we might one day wear the well-fitting adjective.

To this end, this year,
As a TG(noun) greeting, we send you
Our A-list workout regimen for TG(verb):

Ask for and develop the
Appreciation for life and the
Awareness of small connections that
Allows us to thank the
Author of every blessing every day.
Add the remarkable
Attitude of Serendipity, Stewardship, and Synergicity* and
Adopt the spiritual perspective of
Awe, thus cultivating our
Ability to receive with grace and to gradually
Acquire the joy-giving, joy-gaining
Art of
Acknowledging His hand in
All things. Then, daily,
Ascribe to Him as you Inscribe your journal.

Sending this TG(adj.) greeting,
To you and for you,
Our family and friends,
On this Thanksgiving week (noun, verb and adj)
Is good practice for us on all fifteen A’s

As you read our sign-off whos and wheres below,
Look for thanks-giving clues like:
New ones joining the family horizontally and vertically,
Siblings located in geographic pairs for efficiency of visits,
Eleventh of eleven called to serve.

2007: For us, a year of Grand parenting,
Building, Transitioning, Traveling,
Writing, Speaking, Politicing, and

With Love, from the great, full, thanks-giving Eyrealm:
Linda and Rickey (SLC), Saren and Jared +5 (SGU),
Shawni and Dave +5 (PHX), Josh (PHX),
Saydi and her husband +2 (BOS), Jonah and Aja +3 (SGU),
Talmadge (JFK), Noah and Kristi +1 (JFK), Eli (SLC),
Charity (BOS until Christmas, then as missionary, LHR)

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