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As we begin a new school year, we have realized that we haven’t said enough about the fact that seven and half percent of your Lifetime Membership dues and fees for the Valuesparenting programs go directly to humanitarian aid and helping desperately needy families all over the world! We have had the priceless opportunity to go on expeditions with our children to villages in Africa, the highlands of the Altiplano in Bolivia, the mountains of Mexico and the dense humidity of the Philippines to see your contributions at work!

In Bolivia we dug trenches for PVC pipe in rock-hard soil to bring water to a village that had never seen running water. In Africa we had the thrill of building desks and making bricks for a school addition and setting up a basketball standard in a remote village. We helped build a cistern to hold the water when it rains and in Ethiopia, helped build a bridge under the direction of the villagers so that the long walk to water took only a few minutes. In Mexico we helped set up water drip systems for their gardens and put a fence around their village water supply so the animals wouldn’t contaminate it. In each place we helped with physical hygiene and helped with a medical clinic where people sometimes slept overnight in a line of as many as 600 to get medical help for their families.

One daughter went to India and organized a place for an orphanage and found desperate older women on the streets to come in an help with the orphans. She also went on her “honeymoom” with her husband to the Philippines where they spent six months helping to raise funds and set up surgeries for children with hair lips, cleft palates, club feet and cataracts who had no hope of help otherwise.In India a son did research on the micro-lending system set up by Mohammed Unis. A portion of the supplies and contributions for all these projects were bought with the help of your dues from Valuesparenting!

Although we have also sent aid through your dues to worthy and inspiring projects in the U.S. to enjoy just a little glimpse of the good you are doing in these third world programs click on this slide show. Thanks you for not only being great parents but also for your contributions to those families who are not as fortunate as yours!

P.S. For more information about taking your own family on an expedition to help in a third world country contact

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