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Welcome to ValuesParenting

For thirty years we’ve enjoyed the privilege of writing and speaking to parents all over the world. We’ve learned that when parents get together, think together, read together, share concerns and ideas together, they motivate each other and become empowered to improve and strengthen their families. Together, they become proactive parents.

With the Internet, we’re able to reach out still further, sharing solutions and linking parents in even more personal ways. Families can participate in on three levels:

  1. Free level (Values Parenting Visitors). Without registering or signing in and without any cost, parents can click to everything on the button menu to the left and get ideas on things like “family night” and the “value of the month.” Millions of parents are doing so.

  2. Membership level (Values Parenting Members). By paying a one-time registration fee of $50.00, parents gain access to the twelve benefits of membership which range from monthly columns on “fathership” and “motherhood” to weekly parenting tips and family night lessons. Members use their password to enter a whole new homepage and section of the valuesparenting site, and receive periodic parenting bulletins from the Eyres. Over 100,000 parents are now members of

  3. Membership program level (Values Parenting Program Participants). In addition to the “twelve benefits” which are free with membership, members have access to six highly proactive monthly parenting programs that can literally transform children of various ages: Joy School (for preschoolers), Teaching Children Values (for elementary age), Teen Mirrors to Windows (for young teenagers), Lifebalance (for parents), and Emptying Nest Parenting (for parents of grown children). Dues are required to participate in the different programs. Members can come in and out of activity in these programs according to the needs and ages of their children. Tens of thousands of parents have already done so.

While we’re thrilled to welcome you today and whenever you return as a valuesparenting visitor, we hope soon to welcome you in the more personal “member section.” Candidly, we think the one time $50.00 membership fee is the best deal in the world to have a lifetime of access to ideas and programs that make a real difference in what is ultimately all of our highest priority: our families.

All the best,

Linda and Richard Eyre

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