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There is no definitive answer for this question, because it really depends on the group. Generally, the lessons should be divided up according to the number of children, which means that a parent with two children in the group should teach twice as often. (But, they only have to purchase one Joy School membership, since memberships are sold by family, not by child). However, sometimes this is an undue hardship for that family, especially those with babies or heavy work schedules. For that reason, some groups do a modified rotation, such having the two-child family teaching 1.5 times as often, or having the two-child family teach the remainder weeks in a divided schedule (for example, if you have five families (six kids), but there are 34 weeks, four of the families would teach six weeks, and the other family (with two kids) would teach ten. Or sometimes that parent with two kids in the group takes on a larger portion of the carpooling, is the automatic substitute teacher if another parent cannot teach on their assigned day, runs all of the special events, or hosts all of the parents’ meetings and handles all of the group leader responsibilities. In any case, the Joy School program highly recommends that the family with more than one child take on a larger share of the responsibilities so that the other families do not feel it is unfair as time goes on, even if they profess at first that they do not care.

Note: Usually, a two-child family will just offer to teach more often or take on more responsibility because they recognize that they need to. However, if they do not, you could have the group leader ask, “How would you like to handle your teaching responsibilities: would you like to have both of your weeks in a row, or would you like to teach every three/four weeks?” or, “Instead of having you teach double what the other parents are teaching (six weeks), would you like to just teach 9 weeks total?” or, “What do you feel about taking on all of the special events (or Joy School box maintenance, parents’ meetings, etc) instead of teaching a week for each child? Would that be better for you?”

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