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If a family needs to change the week that they are teaching, they should take care of that trade themselves, and then tell the Group Leader, who will make the change on the schedule. For example, if Family B finds out that they have an important meeting on October 14th, the week they were supposed to teach, they should first approach Family C to see if they can switch weeks. If not, they should then ask Family D, then Family E. Once a trade is made, Family B should tell the group leader who will then email the group and change it on the schedule.

If your group prints out their schedule and keeps it in the Joy School box, then Group Leader will need to reprint the schedule for each Parents’ Meeting or at the beginning of each Unit. Otherwise, the Group Leader can just email the amended schedule as often as needed, or even better, keep a “living” schedule on Google Docs or similar document sharing program that the other Joy School families can access whenever needed.

In a last minute emergency change, sometimes another family/parent is able to take on the lesson. This is the best case scenario, especially because it is sometimes very hard for the other parents to adjust their morning if they were planning to not have a child with them, and then all of a sudden they do! If no one else is able to trade the cancelling parent at the last minute, the cancelling parent should offer to teach the lesson either on another day that week or in the future.

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