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We love to answer this question, because there are few purchases we feel will benefit you and your child more than a well-used Joy School membership.

One of the Joy School Development Team members answers it this way:

“Over the last 14 years, at least one of my five children has been in that magical preschool age, so I’ve run the gamut of preschools and preschool programs. Because of varying stages in our lives, we’ve had children participate in homeschool preschool, preschool groups, sent kids to public preschools, private preschools, and church preschools. But Joy School is something more and something special.

For example, a few years ago, we moved to a new town partway through the year. The families I knew there already had a preschool group set up and were using a free internet-based preschool curriculum. Even though I had used Joy School before, I agreed to use their curriculum, actually quite interested to see what it was like. I was bored completely. For my first turn at teaching at my house, I was assigned teaching about “Spring”. Not only did I have to spend about two hours preparing, finding materials, songs off of youtube, and printing out little coloring pages, when the kids came to my house that morning, they quickly grew bored too. The material was just not fulfilling, not rich, and not purposeful. I talked to the other moms, who had similar experiences but didn’t want to pay for a program. We talked about it and the next year, we all did Joy School. The amount it saved in time for preparation paid for itself, but when you add the quality and memorable songs, the purposeful activities and crafts, and the real impact it makes on the children, the value is compounded.

What other preschool program has lessons and songs that even your teenagers will remember and sing back to you? What other program actually aims (and succeeds) to increase the joy and happiness of preschoolers and their families? What other program will you actually enjoy teaching year after year? Thirty years of committed and fervent Joy Schoolers will back me up in saying that there is no other program as intelligent, elegant, organized, spontaneous, enjoyable, and JOYful as Joy School.”

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