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For those who previously purchased Year 2 of Joy School 1.0 from, those lessons are still available to them on this website.

However, with Joy School 2.0, the development team focused on just Joy School, Year 1. This is for the following reasons:

  1. Over the past 30 years, The Year 2 lesson plans were mainly used by commercial Joy Schools who had the same individuals teaching the same students over a number of years. Most in-home Joy School groups have used just the Year 1 lessons, preferring to repeat the Year 1 lesson plans rather than purchasing another year.
  2. Children thrive on repetition and it’s so much easier to teach the second year of Joy School when you’re teaching from lesson plans you’ve used previously!
  3. The new Joy School 2.0 lesson plans include options for arts and crafts and other activities so you can easily teach the same lesson the second or third year, but switch up which activities and arts and crafts you do to keep it fresh for the teachers.

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