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Joy School group sizes can range anywhere from one child to more than ten. The dynamics of teaching several children can be very rewarding, but some moms have also had especially amazing experiences with the program when doing it one-on-one with their child(ren).

If you decide that you want to teach Joy School with other moms and rotate houses and teaching days, there are several ways to get that group together. Many moms assume it would be best to join an existing Joy School group or to find other moms who are doing Joy School and form a group with them. But that is not necessarily always the case. Sometimes it is better to form your own new Joy School group, with other moms who you already know and trust, and who live close to you. Here’s why:

  1. You already have relationships with those who are going to be teaching your child — you know that they care personally about your son or daughter and vice versa.
  2. Your Joy School will be much more convenient and efficient if it is made up of moms who live close to you and can take turns picking up and dropping off as well as taking turns teaching.
  3. Sharing materials, sharing ideas, brainstorming about how to make Joy School better, and working on outings and activities for the children are all easier with existing friends and within your neighborhood.
  4. The moms in your group are more than just rotating teachers. They will form the mothers’ group that you will socialize with.
  5. If you know the other moms in your group well, they will give you valuable feedback and insight to your own child. Children don’t always act the same when they are with their parents, and you want information about how your child acts and behaves when you are not there.
  6. You want your child to be exposed to your best friends, and you want to create memories for yourself and for your child with those you will know and stay in touch with over the years.

So then, what is the best way to go about forming a Joy School group?

If you know another preschool mom who is ready, join together; or if not, join Joy School yourself and get your lessons and materials.

Then think about the other preschool moms you know and consider which of them would be the best teachers and the most fun to do Joy School with. Start with just one or two other moms. Most Joy School groups start this way. It is rare to be able to just go out and find five or six of your friends who are ready, willing, and able to do Joy School. But if you find just one or two, you can get it going and then add other moms as the word gets out and as they see what a good thing (and what a good deal) Joy School is. Have lunch together or meet somewhere and show them the materials and the Joy School website. Let them hear samples from the songs and see the activities and go over the list of joys. Discuss the Joy School advantages of

  • extremely low cost
  • powerful, complete lesson plans and music and activities that teach life’s most valuable joys and make it easy to be a good teacher even if you have never taught before
  • An online Joy School community where moms can share ideas, discuss lessons, get help, and share the Joys of Joy School
  • In-home follow up on each Joy that gets husbands involved
  • In-home “systems” that make communication better and discipline easier
  • Having the time off when you are not the teacher
  • Knowing your child is being taught by one of your good friends. (This is just a partial list — tell them why you love Joy School and what a difference it can make in kids’ lives and in the happiness of the whole family.)

What if I still can’t find friends or neighbors who want to do Joy School—how do I form a group?

This is when our Joy School Forums can be very helpful. There may be other moms in your area looking for a group to join, or you might find a perfect group to join in your area.

Good Luck, and thanks for being part of what we think is the greatest (and happiest) preschool parents network in the world!

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