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Two decades ago when our book Teaching Your Children Values became the New York Times #1 Bestseller, we knew how universal the need and the desire is of all parents to help their children develop and internalize the values that will protect them and maximize their chance of living a happy life.

Because that book was so popular, we had many offers from companies and individuals who wanted to add products to go with the book – animated films, video games, you name it! But the only group that really impressed us was four incredible songwriters and actors who wanted to make each of the 12 values in the book (honesty, respect, etc.) into a dynamic audio story of adventure and music that kids would play over and over on the “monitors of their minds.”

The result was the 12-part series Alexander’s Amazing Adventures – twelve incredibly imaginative and dramatic musical stories – each about a half-hour long and each focused on one value from the book – that kids simply become addicted to.

Designed for children between 6 and 13, it turns out that these adventures also appeal to even younger and even older children, and they become the perfect way to teach these values subliminally so that kids understand them deeply and want to emulate them.

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