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Affiliate Terms of Use

Welcome to The Joy School Affiliate Program! A few things you should know about this program are:

  • You cannot be paid commissions on your own purchases or purchases within your own Joy School group.
  • Commissions are paid only after your account balance is $50 or greater
  • Commissions are paid after 1 month to account for possible refunds (for example commissions for sales made in July are paid out in September)
  • Commissions are only paid out once a valid mailing address PayPal email address has been received
  • Commissions are paid out sometime between the first and the fifth of each month
  • We do not tolerate and will not pay commissions to affiliates engaging in any type of fraudulent, misleading or otherwise dishonest behavior …
  • We will not pay out commissions to affiliates using their links on coupon or discount sites
  • We will not pay out commissions to affiliates who offer prospective customers a portion of their commissions
  • We encourage our affiliate links to be used as part of affiliates’ original and informational content such as legitimate reviews and on-site advertising

That’s it! Get started by getting your links and banners. If you have any questions you can contact us by using the link at the bottom of the site.

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