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About Values Parenting

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Letter from the Eyres

There are plenty of good parenting sites on the net.
What sets this site apart is that it's for parents who
want to go the extra mile... parents who recognize that
raising children today is dramatically different than the parenting
of the past and dangerously more difficult!

This site is not for parents who want a quick fix...or an oversimplified, easy answer...or a defensive, reactionary approach. Valuesparenting.com is for parents who are ready for a proactive family program...parents who want to go on the Offense rather than staying on the defense...parents who focus on the family...parents who are willing to set goals and create plans and mission statements and to practice "parenting by objective"-making the raising of their children their single highest priority.

Valuesparenting.com is a worldwide organization of parents focused on the raising of their children. ValuesParenting is a parenting approach to help parents clarify their own value system and to select basic values to teach their children. The philosophy of this site is based on Linda and Richard Eyre's New York Times #1 best selling book, "Teaching Children Values" and twelve (one a month) specific values which help children develop strong characters and resist the powerful negative influences of some of their peers and parts of our society. Smaller (preschool) children can be taught twelve "joys" that are the precursors to the twelve values. Older (teenage) children can focus on the sensitivity and empathy that affects their ability to reflect values.

Linda and Richard Eyre

The methods and suggestions made on this site have been tried and tested by the Eyre's in the raising of their own family as well as by over 100,000 other families who have participated in the Eyre's "ValuesParenting" and "Homebase" parenting programs.

We invite you to become a member of ValuesParenting.com. As a member you have access to new ideas each week and to, 5 age specific, parenting programs. The programs provide stories, activities and methods for teaching values, responsibility, giving and service, and even for parenting for grown children who have left home. There is a one time $50.00 registration fee to become a lifetime member Click here to learn about the benefits of membership.

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