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Linda and Richard Eyre continue to reach out to parents with sage advice on nurturing the family's value system.

-Dr. Phil

My guests today (the Eyres) have some really proven methods for teaching values to children. "I have a lot of respect for them because they have raised nine children.


I've known Richard and Linda Eyre for thirty years. They are very attractive personalities with magnificent messages. They walk their talk and have such practical, realistic ideas to help us in our families, in our life-balance, and in building values deep inside our own lives.

-Stephen Covey

Richard and Linda are the original creators and an ongoing integral part of YPO's most highly rated seminar "Raising Responsible Children". They have truly changed the lives of those who change the world by teaching their common sense, value-based lessons of parenting that truly make a difference. My wife and I have used their techniques for years now and they really work!

-Shep Moyle, International president, YPO (Young Presidents Organization)

I have long appreciated Richard Eyre's writing and his solid orientation to family values.

-Bill Marriott, CEO Marriott Corp.

We have known and admired the Eyre family for years. Their children, many of whom are friends with ours, are a testament to what Richard and Linda teach.

-Mitt and Ann Romney

The Eyres have presented three times to our chapter, one on "LifeBalance" one on "Relationships" and one on "Raising Responsible Kids and avoiding The Entitlement Trap."
The three events built on each other and the cumulative effect was like a full-fledged graduate course on the kind of family life we all want!" By all means, bring in the Eyres once, but if you can, add a second presentation, and a third!

-Eric Morgan, Entrepreneurs Organization (EO)

Richard and Linda EyreIf families are the highest priority, then Richard and Linda Eyre may be among the most valuable speakers you will ever book!

For nearly twenty years, Richard and Linda Eyre have been among the most prominent and popular speakers in the world on topics of parenting, life-balance, and family-strengthening. Presenting as many as 100 keynotes, lectures, seminars, and workshops a year, the Eyres are known as much for the interactive and entertaining nature of their presentations as for the content which is based on their New York Times bestsellers.

With clients ranging from national association conventions like the American Bar Association, the AARP, and the American Dental Association to the top management of Fortune 100 Companies like Disney and Merck, and from national and international organizations like The Young Presidents Organization and the Jr. League, to local and sponsored community and church groups, Richard and Linda tailor their presentations to the interests and needs of their audiences but stay always true to their mission statement of validating values, bolstering balance, and popularizing parenting.

For the Eyres, speaking and in-person presentations are the third corner of their “influence triangle.” The other two corners are 1. Writing (their Teaching Your Children Values was the first family and parenting book in fifty years – since Dr. Spock – to reach #1 on The New York Times bestseller list and one of their latest, The Entitlement Trap, takes aim at the biggest parenting issue of today.) and 2. Media. (For more than a decade they have been frequent guests on national shows like Oprah, the CBS Early Show, Prime Time Live, Today, and Good Morning America.) One of their books, The Turning: Why the State of the Family Matters and What the World can Do About it is currently being made into a major documentary film.

Click to the left on “” to take a look at the Eyre’s online helps for parents.

Please use this website to get more familiar with the Eyres and then call them directly at (801) 541-4430 or fill out this contact form or visit

Eyre Family

Eyre Family

Richard and Linda are often accompanied on national and international speaking appearances by one or more of their children. Many of the Second Generation Eyres are now young parents themselves, and lend the interesting (and realistic) perspective of having grown up in the Eyre household and having experienced the parenting systems, approaches and ideas in the presentation personally from the vantage point of the child.

Although most of the Eyres speaking and presentation events are in the U.S., they also speak often in Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East, and have done five around-the-world speaking tours on family and parenting. The first of these was in 2004-05 and was commemorated with a “tour t-shirt.”

Eyre Family

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