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Linda and Richard Eyre continue to reach out to parents with sage advice on nurturing the family's value system.

-Dr. Phil

My guests today (the Eyres) have some really proven methods for teaching values to children. "I have a lot of respect for them because they have raised nine children.


I've known Richard and Linda Eyre for thirty years. They are very attractive personalities with magnificent messages. They walk their talk and have such practical, realistic ideas to help us in our families, in our life-balance, and in building values deep inside our own lives.

-Stephen Covey

Richard and Linda are the original creators and an ongoing integral part of YPO's most highly rated seminar "Raising Responsible Children". They have truly changed the lives of those who change the world by teaching their common sense, value-based lessons of parenting that truly make a difference. My wife and I have used their techniques for years now and they really work!

-Shep Moyle, International president, YPO (Young Presidents Organization)

I have long appreciated Richard Eyre's writing and his solid orientation to family values.

-Bill Marriott, CEO Marriott Corp.

We have known and admired the Eyre family for years. Their children, many of whom are friends with ours, are a testament to what Richard and Linda teach.

-Mitt and Ann Romney

The Eyres have presented three times to our chapter, one on "LifeBalance" one on "Relationships" and one on "Raising Responsible Kids and avoiding The Entitlement Trap."
The three events built on each other and the cumulative effect was like a full-fledged graduate course on the kind of family life we all want!" By all means, bring in the Eyres once, but if you can, add a second presentation, and a third!

-Eric Morgan, Entrepreneurs Organization (EO)

The Eyres’ Speaking Schedule

Book the Eyres for a speech (please do not contact them for support…use the contact link at the bottom of every page for that).


Pandemic and post pandemic, Richard and Linda will accept only one or two in-person event each month starting in the Fall, and all other speaking will continue to be through Zoom.


In 2020, “The year of Clear Vision,” the Eyres are trying something new and experimental with their speaking schedule—namely, staying close to home most of the time and doing presentations by Zoom or other Internet connections to multiple locations. They will restrict their speaking travel to one “away” engagement each month and try to meet all other requests by presenting remotely (but always interactively so there can be questions and discussion.)

This less frequent travel will allow Richard and Linda to finish a couple of writing projects and conduct the “Happiness Experiment 2020” (A series of lectures and discussions in Park City based on their new book The Happiness Paradox/The Happiness Paradigm).

Request a personal or electronic speech to your group or organization.

2019 January: Palm Springs, CA
Laguna Beach, CA
  February: Maui, HI
Acapulco, Mexico
  March: Indian Wells, CA
Las Vegas, NV
  April: Athens, Greece
Red Sea, Egypt
  May: Grandkids’ Graduations
  June: Lisbon, Portugal
Moscow, Russia
  Summer: Hiatus for 50th anniversary, 50th Book, and 50th family member
  Fall: Speaking close to home and focused on new book The 8 Myths of Marriage
  Early Winter: Most speaking suspended to work on Family.Is Social Media Awards to recognize family-centric Internet influencers
2018 January: Maui, HI
Seattle, WA
Provo, UT
West Jordan, UT
  February: Phoenix, AZ
Cabo, Mexico
  March: Indian Wells, CA
  April: London, England
Rome, Italy
Alberta, Canada
New Jersey/New York
  May: New York
  Summer: Family Hiatus
  September: Michigan
  October: Southern Utah
  November: Ontario, Canada
London, England
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Bucharest, Romania
Zurich, Switzerland
Madrid, Spain
  December: Maui, HI
Phoenix, AZ
2017 January: London
  February: Zermatt-Utah Life in Full monthly seminars begin (Heber, Utah)*
  March: Park City
Zermatt seminars continue
  April: Shanghai
Zermatt seminars continue
  May: Life in Full cruise (London-NYC)*
Zermatt seminars continue
  June: Aspen
St. George
  July-August: Summer hiatus with family at Bear Lake
  September: Europe, Switzerland
Mediteranean, Nice, Barcelona
  October: Jackson Hole
St. George
  November: Las Vegas
  December: Christmas hiatus
2016 January: Australia
New Zealand
  February: Los Angeles
Las Vegas
  March: Utah (Draper and Provo)
  April: London
New York City
  May: Arizona
  June: West Virginia
Utah (Park City)
  July and August: Family Reunion and Speaking Hiatus at Bear Lake Idaho
  September: Newport Beach
Salt Lake City
  October: St. George
Park City
  November: Las Vegas
  December: Orange County
Palm Springs
2015 January: Puerto Rico
St. Martins
St. Croix
  February: Birmingham
Los Angeles
Salt Lake City
Sandy, Utah
  March: Indian Wells
St. George, Utah
  April-August: Some dates available, but mostly a writing hiatus to finish and to promote Life In Full, Maximizing your Longevity and your Legacy
  September: Houston
  October: Japan
Utah (Salt Lake City)
  November: New Jersey
Utah (West Valley)
  December: Houston
Family Christmas Haitus
2014 January: Mexico City, Mexico
Provo, UT
  February: Costa Rica
New York City, NY
Boston, MA
  March: Bali, Indonesia
  April: Indonesia
Saudi Arabia
YPO Webinar
  May: New York City
  June, July, August: Family Hiatus
  September: Alaska
Newport Beach
Salt Lake City
  October: St. George
Youngest Daughter’s Wedding
  November: Phoenix
San Juan
St. Barts
Virgin Gorda
  December: Family Christmas Hiatus
2013 January: Phoenix, AZ
Lehi, UT
Salt Lake City, UT
  February: Minneapolis, MN
Logan, UT
Holiday, UT
  March: San Diego, CA
Omaha, NE
Guadalajara, MX
Monterrey, MX
Panama City
Lima, Peru
  April: St. George, UT
Manitoba, Canada
Fillmore, UT
  May: Salt Lake City, UT
St. George, UT
Austin, TX
  June-July: Summer and family hiatus (Bear Lake, ID)
  August: Provo, UT (education week)
Jackson, WY
YPO Webinar
New York City
  September: Vail, CO
Park City, UT
  October: Salt Lake City, UT (Uplift Families Conf.)
St. George, UT
  November: Phoenix, AZ (Families against Pornography)
Buenos Ares, Argentina
  December: New Harmony, UT
Maui, HI

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