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Richard and Linda EyreAs New York Times #1 bestselling authors, Richard and Linda Eyre are perhaps even better known as writers than they are as speakers.

With sales in the millions and more than 25 titles currently in print, The Eyres have published with Random House, Simon and Schuster, St. Martins Press, McGraw Hill, and Penguin and have had their books translated into eleven languages and distributed worldwide. Their co-authored and individually authored books continue to illuminate some of the most difficult personal issues of our time and, whether fiction or non fiction, always connect to the central issue of family priority and life balance.

It is Richard and Linda’s goal to one day be able to offer all of their books for free. They feel that the ideas and insights they share about family, parenting, and life-balance have come from parents all over the world and should now be free to parents everywhere. They are gradually re-obtaining the copyrights and publishing rights to their books and making them available at

List of Available Titles:

5 Spiritual Solutions for Parents
The Entitlement Trap
The Three Deceivers (by Richard) (available only on line by clicking here)
The Mother’s Book of Secrets (by Linda)
The Happy Family
How to Talk to Your Child About Sex
Teaching Your Children Values
3 Steps to a Strong Family
I Didn’t Plan to be a Witch
Teaching Your Children Responsibility
Empty Nest Parenting
The Book of Nurturing
Teaching Your Children Sensitivity
Teaching Your Children Joy
Stewardship of the Heart
Spiritual Serendipity
The Awakening (a novel)
Alexander’s Amazing Adventures
(Values Series for Children)
How to Talk to your Kids about Sex
Ten Children’s Stories to Teach Joy
Life Before Life
A Joyful Mother of Children
The Discovery of Joy
What Manner of Man
Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There

Please use this website to get more familiar with the Eyres and then contact them directly to book a speech (please do not contact them for support. Use the contact link at the bottom of each page for that).

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