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The Eyres’ Biography

Richard and Linda EyreRichard and Linda Eyre are among the most popular speakers in the world on parenting and families. Their clients and audiences range from The Young President’s Organization (YPO) and major corporations and associations to a wide array of school, civic, church and community groups. They find it remarkable and gratifying that in every one of the 50+ countries where they have presented, parents have similar hopes, dreams and worries about their children regardless of economic, religious, geographic, and cultural differences.

The Eyres are authors of more than 50 books, most of which deal with work/family balance and parenting, and one of which, Teaching Your Children Values, became the only parenting book in more than fifty years  to reach #1 on the New York Times bestseller list. In addition to their ongoing work with parents, their latest books are about grandparenting and “Life in Full” for Baby Boomers.

Richard and LindaRichard and Linda have been frequent guests on national network shows including Oprah, The Today Show, Prime Time Live, 60 Minutes, and Good Morning America; and they once did regular segments on the CBS Early Show. Their parenting website,, provides ideas, guidance and creative programs for families throughout the world.

But their most important production is their nine children (“one of every kind”) who, through the years, have helped formulate their ideas for books and speeches. The second generation Eyres and their spouses are an impressive bunch, all with university degrees from the likes of Wellesley, Harvard, Columbia, M.I.T., Stanford, and BYU and all having interrupted their university education to spend up to two years living abroad, studying, doing missionary work and providing humanitarian service. They are also doing their part to expand the importance of family through their own speaking, books, blogs, and websites, and they have presented Richard and Linda with 34 grandchildren.

Beyond their speaking engagements, the Eyre’s favorite travel projects are humanitarian expeditions to places like Ethiopia, Kenya, Bolivia, India, Romania and Mexico, and the family’s Eyrealm Foundation focuses on assisting and strengthening third world families.

Richard is a Harvard MBA, president of his own management consulting company (which worked with national political candidates and locally ran campaigns to build Symphony Hall, restore the Capitol Theater, expand the Salt Palace, extend the Central Utah Project and save the Hogle Zoo) and a nationally ranked senior tennis player. He was a mission president for his church in London and a former director of the White House Conference on Parents and Children as well as a candidate for Utah Governor. Linda is a teacher, musician, and co-founder of International, an in-home, do-it-yourself co-op and program for teaching preschoolers the joys of life. Both Richard and Linda have served on numerous arts, university, and non-profit boards and do a radio show/podcast at BYUradio called Eyres on the Road that is now in its 14th annual season.

Some of the Eyre’s latest books are:

  • Life in Full, Maximizing your Longevity and Legacy
  • The Entitlement Trap
  • The Turning: Why the State of the Family Matters and What the World Can do About it
  • The Thankful Heart: How Gratitude Can Change Every Texture of our Lives
  • POEMS of Faith and Family
  • The Half-Diet Diet
  • A Mother’s Book of Secret
  • The Happy Family
  • How to Talk to Your Child About Sex
  • Teaching Your Children Values
  • 3 Steps to a Strong Family
  • Teaching Your Children Responsibility
  • Empty Nest Parenting
  • Spiritual Serendipity
  • The 8 Myths of Marriaging
  • The Happiness Paradox
  • Grandmothering
  • Being a Proactive Grandfather

Please use this website to get more familiar with the Eyres and then contact them directly to book a speech (please do not contact them for support. Use the contact link at the bottom of each page for that). 

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