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Children’s Story Books

Stories are the best way to teach anything — even joy.

While there are plenty of great children’s story books out there, Richard and Linda Eyre felt that what was needed was clear, crisp, and charming children’s stories, written specifically for three- and four-year-olds, on each and every one of the joys of Joy School.

So they fulfilled one of their lifelong dreams — to write children’s stories. And they were lucky enough to find talented illustrators for each story.

The result is the two volume set of Joy School Children’s Stories — 22 stories in all, with at least one and sometimes two stories written for each of the joys in the Joy School curriculum.

These stories will delight your children and give them the vicarious experience that will enable them to internalize each of the Joy School joys. You as a parent will love the stories too, and will refer back to them time and time again to underscore and make vivid each of the joys you are teaching your child.

You can use the illustrations on your devices or print them out story by story.

Essentially, you get 22 children’s stories — but “packaged” into just two volumes.

We suggest that each mom have her own copies because beyond your use of them in Joy School, they will become your children’s favorite bedtime stories at home.

The storybooks are in PDF format and you will not receive physical books.

Here are the stories that are included in each volume:

Volume 1:

Story 1 – Ben the Rich Boy
Story 2 – Polly and Molly
Story 3 – Jason and the Circus Money
Story 4 – Earth Ernie
Story 5 – The Party
Story 6 – Herman Finds a Friend
Story 7 – My Body
Story 8 – Isabel’s Little Lie
Story 9 – Maisey and Daisey
Story 10 – The Bears Save the Baby

Volume 2:

Story 1 – Zoud the Cloud
Story 2 – Fluffy Needs His Family
Story 3 – Lindsay’s Imagination
Story 4 – The Ping Pong Ball and the Christmas Tree Bulb
Story 5 – Cheekey and the Laws
Story 6 – Alice Learns About Sharing
Story 7 – Breaking and Keeping the Laws
Story 8 – Pedro the Squirrel
Story 9 – Unique Timothy
Story 10 – Peter’s Family
Story 11 – Happy or Sad
Story 12 – Suzzie’s New Mittens

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