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Alexander’s Amazing Adventures

When Linda and Richard Eyre’s “Teaching Your Children Values” book hit #1 on the New York Times national best seller list, it became clear that parents are willing and anxious to teach values to their children. The question is How?

Now, through the “Alexander” series, parents have the answer. Each of the twelve traditional values from the Eyre’ book (honesty, respect, courage, kindness, etc.) are offered in an exciting audio adventure for kids 5-12 that (through stories, music, and imagination) teaches the particular values to children. And for parents, they can participate in a “how-to” discussion by the Eyres on and receive access to stories, methods, and activities for teaching and reinforcing the values your children learn from Alexander’s Amazing Adventures.

The team of Payne, Perry and Hoffman has been delighting (and teaching) children for years with their captivating dramatized stories and appealing music. Children want to hear their music and stories over and over and, in the process, internalize valuable lessons for life.

Marvin Payne, Melanie and Roger Hoffman, and Steven Kapp Perry are each successful musical storytellers in their own right. In the “Alexander” series they combine their talents to create a world of adventure and learning for children.

Each month for one year, your children listen to Alexander’s adventure through Inlandia, where he is faced with making important decisions based on one of the 12 values. Each story helps your children realize the benefit of making the right decision. Along with the downloadable mp3 files, you have access to the Parent “Coaching” sessions by the Eyres for each value. We also recommend that you use the “Value of the Month” methods, stories, and activities to reinforce the importance of the value taught in the Alexander story.

After you order, you will have access to Alexander’s Amazing Adventures mp3 and audiobook files for all 12 Values by using the menu at the top of the site (be sure you are logged in first). You can listen to them right in your browser on your computer or mobile device or download them to put on any portable device or burn them to CDs.

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