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    Havok XHavok X

    Good day to all yall! I’m looking for a way to develop my baby. It is still 2 years old, but I would like to find a suitable place for him to improve his physical and mental skills. I’m thinking about daycares in brooklyn and I want to choose a Little Scholars childcare center. It seems pretty well and I should say that it is definitely the best place for children that I’ve seen in our city. But I also want to read some reviews before choosing it finally. If you know something about this kindergarten, please share

    Greg BjorgGreg Bjorg

    I have heard different reviews about this institution and I think that it is better not to give in to rumors and check in person. In any case, you can talk to the caregivers and make sure of their level of qualification.

    Billius ShiphrBillius Shiphr

    In fact, this is the first time I’ve heard of this day care center. I gave my child to freelance nannies and I don’t see anything wrong with that. This is an individual approach.

    Mark UltraMark Ultra

    I don’t trust daycares after several situations happened to my friends. My kid has a babysitter who teaches them lots of things.

    Cermit FellonCermit Fellon

    Okay, when school time comes, how will your child feel? Are you sure he will be able to interact with other kids? He needs more social contacts to grow smart and open.

    bernardand andrewsbernardand andrews

    If you want to develop your kid, you should definitely make him do as many things as it is possible. Children who go to sports, musical classes, and other places grow very developed. They are usually interested in many spheres and become smarter than others. But I can’t imagine how it is possible to do it without any help. I think the best idea is to find a reliable daycare that can give all the opportunities for your kid’s development and education. I know that the Little Scholars Infant Day Care Brooklyn is a good example of such a place.

    Orville JonesOrville Jones

    Thanks for sharing this, information about childcare is essential to give our sons everything

    Fabiol SalasFabiol Salas

    Hi! As a parent, I completely agree with you. It is very important to properly engage the child and use both physical and mental skills. I caught myself thinking that I still mostly focus on mental skills. And it would be worth it to physically develop the child. I have been looking for a very long time on the Internet for a site where I could find something suitable. As a result, my spouse, once again surfing kickstarter, found a new excellent project of the company goodevas, which is just focused on the development of the physical activity of the child. There are a lot of children ladders, rope ladders, and such. In general, there are a lot of cool things. My spouse has already ordered half of the site.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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