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Happy Thanksgiving From The Eyres

The Ultimate Gratitude at tri-50

If you saw Jesus,
Stood for a moment in His actual presence,
What would you see in Him?
What would you feel from Him?

We have asked people this—asked whole audiences,
And three answers are amazingly
United, Unified, Unanimous:

Each at a level and an intensity where we say
“Ahhh, now I know what it really is.”

If we want a fourth leg for the Christ Chair,
Might it be Beauty?
Might we be as overwhelmed, as awed, by
The sheer beauty of His presence and His grace?

Or think ball diamond, with love, joy, peace and beauty as the bases,
Each a portal to a glorious InField
with Him at the center, on the mound.
Is the home plate, shaped like a home, love?
Or is it Joy?

Is this imagination? A field of dreams?
Is His presence a distant goal
Called Heaven?
Or can we feel and “see” it now?

When we try hard enough to
Be with Him, we are…
What we feel is real,
And it is present.

This is the ultimate gift deserving the ultimate gratitude because,
As we feel it, it is ours,
For as long as we want it badly enough
To ask for and strive for a real-time connection
To His Spirit.

Thanks-giving to who?
To Him, and
To you, as well as for you—our Family and Friends

Love, Eyrealm, (50 of us at our 50th Anniversary as we released our 50th book)
The locations (minus the 5 in college): Saren and Jared in Ogden, Shawni and David and Josh in Gilbert, Saydi and Jeff in SLC, Jonah and Aja on Maui, Tal and Anita in Switzerland, Noah and Kristi in Provo, Eli and Julie in NYC, Charity and Ian in London, Linda and Rick in between.

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