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Richard and Linda have been writing books to parents for thirty years. As many of you have requested, valuesparenting.com has provided this brief synopsis of some of their most popular titles. All are available in bookstores or at Amazon.com.

The Three Deceivers Control, Ownership and Independence... these are time-honored and highly desirable concepts, right? Wrong! At least it's wrong according to New York Times #1 best selling author, Richard Eyre.
Teaching Your Children ValuesThe first parenting and family book to hit #1 on the New York Times best seller list in 50 years (since Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care); twelve universal values (one per month) with teaching methods for various ages.
*Three Steps to a Strong FamilyHow to set up (1) a family legal system, (2) a family economy, and (3) a set of rituals and traditions that will work together to teach your kids independence and responsibility.
*Teaching Your Children JoyThe social and emotional "joys" that children should learn before they enter kindergarten. This book is the foundation for the international movement called "Joy Schools."
The Happy FamilyThe Eyres' analysis of how modern Western society undermines families … and suggestions on how to protect and strengthen your own family.
LifebalanceBalancing the demands of work and family with personal needs. Includes a new family focused method of goal setting and time management.
Spiritual SerendipityA more advanced version of Lifebalance aimed at blending the structured parts of life with the spontaneous and connecting to a spiritual guidance that is better than personal control.
*Teaching Your Children ResponsibilityTwelve specific kinds of responsibility and how to teach each to elementary-age children. This book was the original basis for the Eyres' renowned presentation, "Raising Responsible Kids."
The Book of NurturingBeautifully illustrated, this volume helps us remember to nurture, and sets up a language of animal symbols to help parents communicate with kids about praise, discipline, initiative, and commitment.
I Didn't Plan to Be a Witch!The uniquely wonderful and challenging joys and frustrations of motherhood. Learning to love the chaos and deal with the surprises.
Empty Nest ParentingA parent's role is far from over when a grown child leaves home. How to succeed at (and enjoy) the ongoing challenges of grand parenting, financial assistance, in-laws, and evolving relationships.
Teaching Your Children SensitivityMost teenage problems and issues stem from selfishness and self-centeredness. Here is a proven set of methods for helping teens get outside themselves and become aware of the needs of others.
The AwakeningRichard Eyre's only full-length work of fiction. The story of an amnesiac who discovers his spiritual identity while his physical and mental identity is forgotten.
A Joyful Mother of ChildrenLinda Eyre's humorous and sentimental account of raising nine active and strong-willed children and living to tell about it.
What Manner of ManThe most admired and emulated role model in history is Jesus Christ. This volume is a year-long weekly guide to comprehending 48 separate aspects of Christ's character and personality.
The Discovery of Joy Explores the four sequential levels of joy: 1. Physical Mortality and Agency; 2. Achievements and Relationships; 3. Understanding of Purpose; 4. Spiritual perspective.
*The Wrappings and the GiftsA personal and intimate look at the Eyres' spiritual beliefs.
The Birth That We Call Death Does the soul continue to live after physical death? The Eyres give their beliefs and present answers that fill in the details.
*Stewardship of the HeartHow to replace the pride and jealousy "error paradigm" of ownership with the humility and empathy "true perspective" of stewardship.
How to Talk to Your Child About Sex Perhaps no single discussion is more important than your first talk with your child about sex. The Eyres guide to when, how, and where.
Life Before Life Life after life is a more thought-about and more discussed subject, but life before life may be a more illuminating epiphany for parents who ponder why their children are so different from each other.
An Emotional First-Aid Kit for Mothers Linda Eyre joins forces with three other experienced and articulate mothers to bring this volume of insights, wit, and wisdom.
Don't Just Do Something, Sit There Richard Eyre has some fun in this volume, reversing man of our common clichés and finding more practical wisdom in the opposites than in the originals.
*Mother, Father, and the Family That WorkedA fable representing how the drudgery and nagging of "parenting as usual" can be turned to mutual respect as children are given more initiative and responsibility.
I'm a Mean Old Witch with a Hat!  Copyright 2006, by Carolee Curtis Green. Originally published in the 1965 issue of The Children's Friend magazine and has since become a well-known favorite. To order, please call Carolee direct at 1-801-266-4047
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