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All parents wish for a way to discipline in public,
to avoid lecturing and battles of wills with children.
The valuesparenting secret animal code can help us
accomplish both, and kids love it! The secret code is also
a way to focus our attention as parents on nine elements of true "nurturing" of our precious children.

As our professional lives develop and our management
and organizational skills expand, do we make equal progress
in our ability to nurture? Nurturing is perhaps the most important aptitude of parents and an essential capacity in any relationship.

There are 9 primary qualities or ingredients in a person's ability to nurture, and each of them can be well represented by a symbol from nature. (i.e. Geese represent commitment, Humpback whales symbolize communication, and the Elephant's trunk is a metaphor for affective discipline.) Together, the 9 symbols or images establish in a parent's mind an image of committed and loving relationships that will make us better parents, better partners and better friends as well as networkers and professionals.

Nature of Discipline: Law of the Elephant's Trunk Additionally, the 9 nurturing metaphors can provide a new and effective "language of symbols" that make family interaction more effective and pleasant. Instead of saying "quit interrupting" or "let's communicate better: a parent can say "let's be more like those humpback whales."

Check out the 3 nurturing principles in the box above, and gain access to the other 6 by becoming a member.


Law of the Geese

Law of the Whales

Law of the Elephant

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