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With normal life expectancy, most parents can plan
to be empty nest parents longer than they were full
nest parents. And as everyone who has had a child grow
up and leave home knows, parenting doesn't end, it just gets bigger!

There are financial questions and the challenge of balancing your assistance with your child's independence. There are the emotional and social questions of how much advice to give, how often and how much to communicate, and how to fill the emotional void they've left in your life.

Studies show that the most successful empty nest parents are those who have a plan in place, those who have anticipated and thought through the challenges and questions as much as possible before they come up.

The Empty Nest Parenting Program is a way to do exactly that -- and to learn from the experience and ideas of other parents who have already been where you are heading.

Click here to look at a content outline of the Empty Nest Parenting Program and to sample the way the course works before you register.

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