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Each week the Eyres post one tried and proven “Parenting Principle” (or sometimes a Marriage Principle) here on this page, and also on social media (Instagram @richardlindaeyre, Facebook @lindarichardeyre, and Twitter @richardeyre). Please follow, and invite your friends to do the same. Each week the brief, quotable parenting principle will appear with several links to articles, podcasts, videos, or radio and television appearances that give more ideas, instruction and inspiration on that principle.

April 16, 2018

Top Ten Parenting Ideas #4: Family Mission Statement

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Most businesses have them—a clear statement of mission, of goals, of what the company wants to be. Families should have one too, a family vision statement, created together by parents and children thinking together about what they want their families to become. We started with a list of the words that we hoped would one day describe our family, then we winnowed it down to a descriptive paragraph, and finally down to a three-word mantra that everyone felt good about and bought into. The words were “Broaden and Contribute” and a couple of years later our children gave it to us one Christmas as a beautifully framed calligraphy and gold leaf plaque that hangs in our family room to this day. It has brought us together and influenced each of us in our choices and our ambitions.

For how-tos on creating a meaningful and uniting mission statement as a family:

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April 9, 2018

Top Ten Parenting Ideas #3: Family Traditions Calendar

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If we want our family culture to be stronger than the peer culture, the internet culture, the celebrity culture and all the other cultures that swirl around our kids, we need fun and compelling family traditions. Most families have traditions—the trick is to refine them and anticipate them and emphasize them more than ever before. One good way to do this is to make a family traditions book or calendar and let the children illustrate it. For more detail and expansions of this idea go back and review the March 12 post and also see:

Article Podcast 1 Podcast 2

April 2, 2018

Top Ten Parenting Ideas #2: The Five-Facet Review

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How do I nip my kids’ problems in the bud and recognize their gifts in time to cultivate them?

Try having a “Five Facet Review” once a month where you sit down as a couple and go through the five aspects of each child. “How is Tommy doing physically? How is he doing mentally? Emotionally? Socially? and spiritually? Analyze and brainstorm together about each of the five. Take notes. Formulate some need-meeting goals for the month ahead. Make it fun, go out to a restaurant on a date and confine your agenda to your kids!

If you are a single parent, do it with a grandparent or someone else who knows and loves your kids. When done well (and regularly) this habit can help you recognize oncoming problems before they are too hard to solve, and can help you notice the gifts and aptitudes of your kids in time to cultivate and develop them.

For how-to details:

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March 26, 2018

Top Ten Parenting Ideas #1: The Repenting Bench

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This is the first in a series that we call the Top Ten Parenting Ideas.

How do I stop the fighting and bickering? The best method we’ve found is a designated place where kids are sent to resolve their own arguments, discover what they each did wrong, and apologize. This can help to replace sibling rivalry with sibling friendship. We call it “The Repenting Bench,” and you can find out more about it at the links below:

Podcast Article Video

March 19, 2018

Three Tips For a Vital Marriage

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Over the years, the best marriages we have observed seem to have three essential elements: First, an established pattern for communication and conflict resolution, Second, ongoing romance and “dates”, and Third, some spiritual connection and a way to pray or meditate together.

We have also often said that the five best “ingredients” of marriage are the five C’s: Chastity, Courtship, Compatibility, Commitment, and Celebration.

Learn more:

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